There is a current minimum acceptable price.      
That price is subject to increase.

Trades, goods, services, crypto and foreign currencies are unacceptable.

Does not include Transfer fee, hosting, service, design or program code.

At the outset:
1. Check with us by email to learn if the domain name is still available,
    is presently in process of being sold or has already been sold.
2. Given it is still available, and you are in earnest to purchase the
    domain name, then we require:
    a. A verbal affirmation of commitment to make the purchase;
    b. A notarized letter which lists and confirms:
        1. the specific domain name (and exact .com or .net suffix) which
            is to be purchased from us;
        2. the Minimum Acceptable Price as listed on the applicable web
            site home page for that domain name;
        3. The Buyer's name, mailing address, direct phone number, best
            hours to receive calls, and a secure email address (to which no
            one else has the password). We will only deal directly with
            the Buyer - none other.
    c. Send with the notarized letter, two Cashier's Checks, at the same
        time, in US dollars, from the same US FDIC Insured bank:
        1. the 1st for 10% of the Minimum Acceptable Price, which will
            serve as down payment to start the transaction;
        2. the 2nd for 90% of the Minimum Acceptable Price, which is
            the remainder of the purchase price.

1. Only Cashiers Checks, in US dollars, drawn from a US FDIC Insured
    bank are acceptable.
2. Our local bank may require up to ten (10) business days after receipt,
    to authenticate the validity of the issuing banking institution and
    financial instruments, plus verify the funding.
3. Once we receive an OK from our bank that all is in order with the
    financial aspects and funding:
    a. we will call the Buyer with the next step;
    b. when the Buyer acknowledges being ready, we will proceed to
        prepare the formal release of the registration from our own
    c. then, the Authorization Code from our domain name Registrar
        will be communicated by us to the Buyer.
4. When the Buyer has the Code, it is imperative to access online the
    registration Transfer order page of the Registrar of your choice
    immediately. List in their Transfer order form both the domain
    name to transfer and the Authorization Code, when placing
    the actual Transfer order to move to the Buyer's own account.
5. After the registration Transfer has been made, Registrars may take
    up to seven (7) business days before a recent Transfer correctly shows
    in the Whois records and takes effect online.
6. This page is subject to change on an unnotified and unannounced basis.

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